Burials in Section K St. Andrew's Churchyard, Gargrave

Gargrave Heritage Group, are working to create accessible Burial Registers and graveyard maps, in order that you will find it easier to view the registers and identify the location of your ancestor in St. Andrew's graveyard. This photographic record of the present grave markers is the first step

The Churchyard has been divided into areas, each area being indicated by a letter of the alphabet. the boundaries of each Area are given within the area concerned, and there there will also be made available a diagrammatic plan of the Churchyard showing the different Areas.

Each Area is divided into Rows, and the Rows run always from west to east. The Row is indicated by the use of Roman numerals.

The graves in each Row are numbered always from south to north. The number of the grave is indicated by the use of Arabic numerals. In this photographic record, unmarked graves have been represented by a generic image.

Some inconsistencie have been found in the records. If you see any items that you feel may need amendment, please let us know. Our e-amil address is on the contact page.


This extension began to be used in 1943 and is sometimes described as the "New Enclosure".  Not all graves have a visible marker. To identify an unmarked grave, please refer to the Section K plan drawing. A digital version will soon be found on the Gargrave Heritage Group Web Site and a paper copy, which can be seen on request, will be held by the church.

Boundaries of Section K are as follows

North: Foundation of wall separating the 1899 (Area H) and 1924 (Area J) extensions

East: Open Field

South: Open Field

West: Old Vicarage Garden